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Kauff and Gustav

Ask a Monkeyologist is a series that presents Doctor Kauff von Diefendorf, renowned Monkeyologist. He answers questions from fans. That's it!

Well, not just that... he has to face certain dangers such as his arch enemy Gustav von Schneider or the dreadful dumpling321. The series is still filming and you can check it out here where you can also ask questions! Enjoy!

See it here!

Fun facts:

  • The show initially didn't feature an arch enemy for Kauff.
  • All the recordings were done in a single take. Staying that long in character is really difficult, especially when one gets spirit gum (actor glue) in their eyes and mouth.
  • Andrei got his salary one day and by the end of the night he used every last cent by investing in Kauff's costume and set... to the desperation of his (ex)girlfriend.
  • People have a sadistic inclination of sending NOVELS instead of short questions.
  • Andrei and Majus (Gustav) wrote their scripts together, through Skype, while acting their characters live. Yes, it IS as epic as it sounds.
  • Majus had to change his wig because it was too tight (hence the later joke in the series "Is your wig too tight again?").
  • Majus also had to change his mustache because it got deteriorated.
  • Linkara from "That Guy With The Glasses" was supposed to be a guest star in the show but he refused.
  • Despite the fact that there IS a script, about 30-50% of each answer is improvised.
  • It takes about an hour to get into Kauff's costume and about 30 minutes to get out of it. The smell of substances used to dissolve the spirit gum and the way that stuff stings is incredibly uncomfortable. No matter how cold it is outside, that wig makes you hot (and not in the "sexy" way). The bowtie doesn't allow much movement for the head and the coat, albeit fetching, restricts arm movement. One can barely see through the eyebrows and you always get a sore throat after making the voice for four hours straight of filming (especially if you have multiple episodes to film).
  • Despite all that, it's still fun!