Doctor Dr Jekyll Mr Mister Hyde Confrontation Musical SilverWolfPet

Adrian "Sam" Grigore takes the role of Coltraine, Dr. Jekyll's butler and longtime friend.

When the brothers found this play on youtube, they really liked the interesting ways in which every actor played the role of Jekyll/Hyde. Some theatre directors would use two actors...some would use one.

They wanted to see if they can do it better. Watching a single man perform two parts on stage is pretty epic (thought some of them were rather ridiculous, drawing in laughter from the audience). They wanted to see if adding a camera to the equation would make the scene stronger, by not forcing the actor to scream his lines (too much).

Hence this little clip was made which you can see here.

This clip is also special since it represents the last collaboration between Andrei and Daniel, the co-director for The Biggest of Dem Rings 2, who also played Fredo. They collaborated for six long years, crowning their ending with this epic dive into the classic tale of two entities struggling to reach balance.

Fun facts:

  • The place where the clip was shot was so old that Sam managed to make a lightbuld explode just by turning on the light. They had to postpone filming while they cleaned up the shards.
  • The entire scene was filmed at night, it took several hours.
  • The microphone derped and recorded static, so the entire introduction scene was dubbed afterwards.
  • This was the first time SilverWolfPet used a Depth of Field Adapter.
  • Using a Depth of Field Adapter makes the filming time last three times longer than it should (only changing lenses takes a whole lot of time!)
  • The main focus of the clip was to challenge the idea of a one-man-show, despite the fact that Andrei can't sing to save his life.
  • During the last scenes, where Andrei was supposed to trip and fall, he hurt his knee. The limping towards the end is not faked.
  • This mini-project was the first one in which Andrei and Daniel tried using a storyboard. andrei swore that he'll never use one again in his entire life. The entire process of drawing and combining images to the rhythm of the song was SO dull, he doesn't understand why other amateurs use it.