Doctor Kauff Von Diefendorf

Doctor Kauff is a character that went through various stages during the past years.

Initially, he was "born" in 1999 and his first name was "Father Oldman". His appearance included a long gray beard and, for some forgotten reason, a green Leprechaun hat. His real "birth" was actually on the 10th of February 2009.

Many years later, when Telltale Games launched their Tales of Monkey Island game, the character took the name of "Kauff von Diefendorf", grabbed a German accent and the profession of "Monkeyologist", which was a term used by Telltale Developers to describe Ron Gilbert, one of the original creators of the Monkey Island Series.

The character first appeared on "Monday Kerr" and later on he developed his own show entitled "Ask a Monkeyologist", where viewers can actually submit questions that are answered in upcoming episodes.

The doctor also appears as a playable character in "Ask a Monkeyologist: The Game". This unexpected turn of events has launched a demo but nobody knows an official launch date yet.

Ask a Monkeyologist - S01E06

Ask a Monkeyologist - S01E06

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The character is now a living tribute to one of Andrei and Mihai's favorite game series and the brothers recently got an official approval from Telltale to use the "Monkeyologist" term however they please in their upcoming movies.

Doctor Kauff is known to be a famous Monkeyologist and psychotherapist. One of his idols is Sigmund Freud and his worst arch-enemy is Doctor Gustav von Schneider.

Kauff has a wife, named Mildred. She was supposed to appear at the end of the second season of "Ask a Monkeyologist" but, unfortunately, the creators haven't found the perfect actress for the part yet.